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Now, for links to some of my favorite comics... (image links, are reserved for affiliates, ONLY)

Blind Works- Check this comic out. It's relatively new and deserves much recognition!
Mega Tokyo
Final Fantasy Excursions
F.O.G. Club Adventures
Penny Arcade
8-Bit College
Movie Comics
Kurobei - An animated webcomic. Definitely worth a look
Player VS. Player
Bob and George
8 Bit Theatre
OnlineComics.net - An online comics search engine and directory
Life of Riley
Captain SNES
Chrono Trigger Rip-Off
Extinction Level Event
Avatar: Espionage
Real Life Comics
Residence Life
It's Walky!
The Soft Spot Club
Sara and David
4 In The Morning
Zeek Online
The Primer Chroniceles - You should check this comic out, as well
Kid Radd
Zimbu The Monkey -It has Monkeys. Enough said
Cup Of Suffering
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Lunatic High
Modern Physics: Downtown
El Goonish Shive
Oro Comic
Radical Dreamers
The Guild - A typical story, with many, many twists. One of two original sprite comics (my own being the other)
RPG World
Tales from the Relativistic Bus