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Matthew Follett

First Appearance: Comic 1
Age: 16
Relation to the Author: He is the author's comic form.
Real Life Birthday: January 12, 1986
Description: Matthew is one really random guy. Even though he is inttilegent, he knows how to act dumb. In real life, he'll do anything to be laughed at.

Jason Power

First Appearance: Comic 2
Age: 16
Relation to The Author: Crazy, Little Friend
Real Life Birthday: Unknown
Description: Jason is an attention hog. He'll do anything just to get noticed. He's also a bit tempermental and, is short... not the best of combination in traits

Carolyn Snow

First Appearance: Comic 4
Age: 16
Relation to The Authur: Close Friend (but, nothing more :p)
Real Life Birthday: June 12, 1986
Describtion: Probably the only person with anything close to common sense in the comic.


First Appearance: Comic 15
Age: 14
Relation to The Author: My Online-Gothic Friend
Real Life Birthday: November 18, 1987
Description: Michelle is a very twisted charcter. I hit her personality dead on, in her first appearence.


First Appearance: Comic 18
Age: ???
Relation to The Author: Imaginary
Real Life Birthday: Your guess is as good as mine...
Description: Blobster is the "bad-ass" of this comic, He is always reblling against what is good and takes particular enjoyment in being cruel to the "geeks" and "goths" of Random Sanity. He also seems to be the most popular charcter in the comic...

First Appearance:Comic 22
Age: 16
Relation to The Author: Sexy, Gothic Friend ;)
Real Life Birthday: May 21, 1986
Description: Melissa is a real random charcter, in real life. She will say the most random things, at the most random times. Also, she seems to have real bad case of mood swings, from Queen of the Underworld, to happy go lucky, in under three seconds!