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Sunday , December 15 , 2002
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10/19/02 - I bet most of you didn't see this coming. A brand new layout. This time, all made by me.

The main reason behind this new layout, is that I was getting complaints, on how it can't be viewed using anything other then Internet Explorer and using a screen size smaller then 1204x768, the dropdown menus blocke dthe comic.

In other news, I'm going to start incentives for you people to visit the forum, where I will be posting goodies, that can only be viewed there. So, get in there and start posting!

10/08/02 - Well, it's been awhile, since I last updated this, huh? Over a month, wow.

Anyways, I have a few things I would like to say. First, I'm heading off to Tornto tomorrow afternoon. I will be gone until Monday afternoon. But, do not fear, for I have comics for Friday, Monday and Wednesday uploaded, and ready to be updated on, their respective dates.

Second, I'm not in the best of moods right now, for, I have auditioned for a dramatic play, put all of my soul into it, put far more effort in learning my lines and movements, and have reason to believe, that my time went to waste. So, wednesday comic is quite crappy, but, nothing can be done about it, since I doubt I will be able to make a comic before the dateline, after my trip, due to Jet Lag.

Oh, and, please vote for me. It would help cheer me up. :D

Catch you all on the flip side.

09/06/02 - I added a new affiliate and added a few more links to the Links section.


09/04/02 - Yes, today was the first day of school. Should you worry about a lack of updates? I should hope not! If anything, you should be worshipping my high school life, as it will mean more regular comics!

Why, you ask? Inspiration, my friend! Inspirartion! I have more free time at school (since, I won't be chatting as much, on AIM), and, I can do comics on what ACTUALLY happens!

And, in other news, I would like for those who like my comic, to vote for me, via the image at the bottom of the page. If I can get into the top 10, at any point (and, I witness it), then, there will be a full week of updates, for each week, I'm in the top 10!

I'm also taking affiliate requests. Send me an e-mail, with the link to your comic (or, personal website). You can also sned me a PM, at Top Web Comics (King-of-Storms, is my username).
~ King-of-Storms

08/26/02 - As you may or may not guess, this is what stole your Wednesday and Friday comic from you: the new layout. Please bare with me, as I update the cast page, and try to see if I can get everything functioning properly. If you have any problems, e-mail me at

(BTW, today's extra large comic, makes up for the comic I didn't do for Friday)